3 Square Meals on the Road: Healthy Meals For Truckers

The life of a truck driver is one that is spent driving countless miles as they haul their loads across the country. As a truck driver, you spend most of your days behind the wheel in order to move product from one place to another. Since most of your time is spent driving, it is of the utmost importance that you are careful to maintain your health. This article will give you examples of meals you can have while on the road. 


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, as they say. You need to make sure your breakfast is filling enough to fuel your body until lunchtime. While it is important to make sure you are well-fed in the morning, it must be done in a way that is healthy.

Here are some good breakfast options for truckers:

  • Quick oats—Oatmeal makes a great breakfast due to its versatility. You can mix oatmeal with many different healthy additions such as cinnamon, fruit, stevia, and assorted spices.
  • Eggs—These can be microwaved at a rest stop and eaten on a whole grain English muffin. You can also use a whole wheat bagel with cheese. 
  • Protein shakes—These can be made using individual milk cartons. These are convenient because you will use them soon after you buy them, which means you won’t need to have them refrigerated. 


For lunch, you will have heartier foods. This will be necessary to help your body remain energized until dinner. Lunch will include food that is higher in protein, but still healthy. 

Here are some good options:

  • Sandwiches—Sandwiches are quick and easy options for the truck driver. They can be made using only healthy ingredients which can include turkey, lettuce, tomato, kale, and many other vegetables. 
  • Wraps—Wraps are a good alternative to sandwiches if you get tired of eating the same sandwich every single day.
  • Veggie/Turkey Burgers—These are healthier alternatives to the hamburgers you might buy at a diner or restaurant while on the road. Nowadays, most restaurants have healthier burger options for those who are watching what they eat.
  • Chicken sausages—Unfortunately, pork is very bad for your health. Chicken sausage is a great alternative for those who enjoy sausage. 


After being on the road for the whole day, it is now time for dinner. You must make sure that your dinner is just as healthy as your other meals. Here are some healthy dinner options for truckers:

  • Veggies—If you have a portable skillet, you can sauté some vegetables and eat them with beans, or another protein.
  • Sweet potatoes—These can be heated up in a microwave. Sprinkle some cinnamon on them to give them more flavor.
  • Pasta—This can be prepared with vegetables and olive oil.

Sandwiches or wraps are great for dinners, not only as a lunch option. These are a filling and healthy option for your supper. 


If you find yourself getting hungry in between meals, it is okay to have snacks. The snacks you choose must be healthy options in order to maintain consistency in your diet.

  • Peanut butter
  • Multigrain crackers
  • Protein bars (make sure the sugar content isn’t too high)
  • Dried fruit
  • Meat jerky (should be eaten sparingly as they are high in sodium)

Since truck drivers spend most of their time behind the wheel, it is very important that they are careful with the foods they eat. It is easy to stop and buy fast food and other unhealthy options. If you are intentional about the foods you eat, it will help you maintain a healthier lifestyle. Start incorporating some of these healthy alternatives in your diet in order to properly nourish your body. For more information on how to improve your trucker job, use resources such as http://www.arrowtruck.com/ to ensure you have the right equipment.

The Many Benefits Of Recycling A Car

If you have a car that doesn’t run any longer, you may consider dropping it off at a junkyard or calling a tow truck to have it hauled away. Before you do that, you may want to ensure that the person or company you call actually recycles the car rather than just stripping it and junking it. There are many benefits to automobile recycling; consider a few of those benefits here.

1. Recycling steel saves iron ore from being harvested.

Iron ore is the natural element from which steel is produced. When it is harvested, this often causes a disruption to the environment around those ore deposits which in turn can damage the overall ecosystem. Groundwater can also be contaminated from this disruption.

Very often, those ore deposits are buried under limestone, and this limestone needs to be cut through, which also causes damage to the groundwater near the deposits. The limestone itself is also typically discarded, wasting this valuable resource.

Recycling the steel frame of a car can protect the environment from this damage and also preserve those iron ore deposits for future use. This is just one benefit of recycling an automobile.

2. Recycling a car keeps harmful fluids and chemicals out of landfills.

Car owners may realize that recycling car parts keeps those parts out of landfills, but they often forget that car parts contain chemicals and fluids that are also harmful. Think of the fluids your car uses, including transmission fluid, wiper fluid, engine oil, brake fluid, and battery acid. These fluids are all found in those various parts, and when they are simply trashed in a landfill, they can easily seep into the ground and damage the ecosystem. They too can make their way into nearby groundwater supplies. This can be very damaging to water and the environment overall.

3. Recycling a car produces less waste than manufacturing parts.

Manufacturing plants produce a large amount of greenhouse gasses every year, so producing new car parts itself damages the environment. Recycling car parts is much less harmful and doesn’t require as much energy or fuel consumption, since many of the parts are already formed. Even recycling steel is much cleaner than creating new steel, as refining iron ore into steel itself is not very energy-efficient. When cars and their parts are recycled, this creates less demand for new parts and in turn, this can mean less pollution created by manufacturers.

Consider these benefits to recycling a car and when you have a car that needs to be junked, be sure you call a recycler, such as Miamitown Auto Parts & Recycling, and not just a junkyard.

8 Things To Do Following A DUI Arrest

After a first-time DUI arrest, you have to take steps to minimize the damage to your professional and personal life. You do not have to wait to go through the court system to act. Start working on these tasks now to possibly avoid serious repercussions from a first-time DUI arrest. 

  1. Enroll in a DUI prevention course. Contact a local driving school and sign up for a DUI prevention course. During the course, you will learn not only how to avoid driving under the influence, but also the possible consequences of such action.
  2. Obtain legal counsel. An experienced attorney will know exactly what punishments you are facing and can help you with defending yourself. He or she might even be able to negotiate a plea deal.
  3. Prepare yourself emotionally. Once your arrest is made known publicly, you could face ridicule, scorn, or anger from friends, family, and co-workers. Mentally start to prepare for those conversations. 
  4. Assess yourself. One of the considerations you need to make is whether your problem was the result of an isolated incident or if it is part of an ongoing problem. Refer to the information you learned in the DUI prevention course to help you make a determination.
  5. Call the DMV. There is a good chance your driver’s license will be suspended.  Ask the agency for a hearing to discuss the situation and for a stay on suspending your license until the hearing. During the hearing, be sure the DMV representatives are aware you took a DUI prevention course.
  6. Write down the details. Your attorney needs to know all of the details leading up to your arrest from the 24-hour period before it. Note every drink that you have, your conversation with the police, and your actual arrest. 
  7. Check your social media settings. You need to ensure that your posts are private on all of your social networking accounts. Pictures of you partying might not play out well in court if you end up going.
  8. Be patient. It can take months or even a year for you to find out what is going to happen as a result of your DUI arrest. Do not make any rushed decisions while you are waiting. You also need to take what you learned from the DUI prevention course and use it to avoid another arrest. 

A DUI arrest can be a life changing experience, but you can handle it. Taking steps, such as attending a prevention course, can show the court that you are committed to not making the same mistake in the future. 

Getting Car Painting In Littleton CO Done

When I met my husband, I fell in love with his car first. He had a 1969 Ford Mustang fastback that I just loved. It was canary yellow with black interior. He loved the yellow, and it was the original paint job that came on the car. He and his father put new interior in it and fixed the engine. He drove the dulled out yellow car like it was.

I decided one day since I had some extra money to spare that I would get his Mustang painted for him. I did a search online for car painting in Littleton CO. I was able to find a paint shop that could do the work in three days and that included media blasting. It needed to be done fast because he was away on business, and I wanted to surprise him.

He left and I took his Mustang to the car painting in Littleton CO company to get painted. I told them I wanted the canary yellow back on the car. They said no problem, and even put a black racing stripe down the car. They also added two coats of clear over it to keep the shine up, and not fade. My husband loved his car even more after that.

Do You Need Auto Parts In Anchorage AK?

Anyone who has a vehicle may find themselves in need of auto parts. From time to time a vehicle may break down or a part may fail to operate. An auto part can be something as simple as a windshield wiper or as complex as a transmission. Whether you need a major part or a minor part for your vehicle, you can get auto parts in Anchorage AK. Auto parts in Anchorage AK can be purchased from an auto parts store or an auto salvage yard. Regardless to where you purchase your auto parts from, they need to be useful for your vehicle.

How can you be sure to get quality parts for your vehicle that are useful? You have several options, you can get auto parts that are brand new. A brand new auto part usually comes with a product warranty, along with a service guarantee. Those two benefits are more than enough motivation to purchase new parts. You can also get parts from an auto salvage yard who offers a warranty. The warranty on used parts is usually for a very short time frame. No one can guarantee how a used part will function, nor can they guarantee how long it will function. If you need auto parts in Anchorage, they are affordable, available, and easy to obtain.

Tips For Buying Used Cars Regina

Buying a new car is a great feeling, but new vehicles may be out of the budget for some people. This is when people should know more information about how they can buy used cars Regina to guarantee they are not being taken advantage of.

Look at any type of warranty which is offered for the vehicle. Sometimes people need to make sure the warranty is offered and what is covered. By knowing this information people have a guarantee of coverage and know what exactly will be covered by the warranty.

Something else which people may want to figure out is what, if any, type of major repairs have been completed on the vehicle. Repairs come from accidents or other problems with the vehicle. When these repairs are made they typically are reported and a person can find out more information about the repairs which were made.

When a vehicle is getting old and worn out, people may start to look for a new vehicle. This is when people need to have more information on buying used cars Regina. With these tips, a person can buy a used vehicle and know it will last them until they are able to buy a new car.

Using Body Fillers For Dents In Auto Collision Repair In Phoenix AZ

Damages that have resulted in dents can be rather difficult to fix. Depending on the location of which the denting has happened, car owners are able to choose between two different repair methods. The first method will involve using suction devices in order to get the auto body to return back to its original condition. It is important to note that most of the dents are not as simple to fix. The best auto collision repair in Phoenix AZ at this point will be to use body fillers. There are several different types of body fillers that can be used. Car owners are able to choose between plastic, metal, and fiberglass alternatives that are on the market.

When choosing the most appropriate type of body fillers for the auto collision repair in Phoenix AZ, consider the durability and lifespan expectancy. Auto body fillers are able to help strengthen the integrity and condition of the vehicles in order to prevent them from denting again in the future. The auto body fillers will also be able to provide a protective seal capable of preventing water and other environmental elements from reaching the raw metal. This can help elongate the lifespan of the vehicle.

Audi Repair In Boulder CO

Audi’s are a popular type of car and many people covet those who own them and get to drive them around. They are a reliable car, fast, and they get great gas mileage. They are sleekly shaped and designed for class. However if your Audi experiences a fender bender some of that class is lost and it is in need of immediate Audi repair in Boulder CO.

There is a shop for Audi repair in Boulder CO that can offer you many different services. They are the best to service your Audi because this is the car that they specialize in and because they spend so much of their attention on this car they often have all the parts and tools available that are needed specifically for the repair and upkeep of an Audi vehicle. The Audi repair shop in Boulder CO also has the ability to bring in generic replacement parts that cost less if that is something that you are interested in because of a low budget or you are dealing with a repair that is not as significant as others could be.

The Audi repair in Boulder CO does not only take care of the mechanics and internal workings of the engine and the car they can also perform auto body services such as repainting, repairing chipped paint and replacing exterior car parts.

Where To Get The Finest RV Repair In Scottsdale AZ

My wife and I were taking a trip across the country when our RV broke down in Arizona. We had just visited the Grand Canyon and I think the road was a bit too bumpy for our old recreational vehicle. We stopped at a local RV park and asked if anyone knew of a good place that offered RV Repair in Scottsdale AZ. We got several recommendations and we had our RV towed to one company that was very close.

The company that does RV repair in Scottsdale AZ was very professional. They had a very respectable shop that was clean and very up to date with modern mechanic technology. We spoke to a few mechanics and they seemed as though they really wanted to help you get where you were going. I talked about our trip and all of the sights that we had seen since we began our journey. Time flew by so quickly because of the amazing conversations we were having. It turned out that they fixed the problem in under three hours and we were able to get on our way. It appeared that the power steering belt had come loose. The mechanic was so kind that he did not charge us very much because it did not take him long to fix. This is an amazing company and I would go back again.

A Great Castro Valley, CA Scooter Repair Shop

When the price of gas started to go up I decided to look at my transportation needs. I do not often go very far from home when I go out and I am usually by myself. I decided to keep my SUV but I thought that I should find something else as well. I discovered a great deal on a scooter, someone down the street was selling it for just a few dollars. He told me that it was not running but I bought it anyway. I thought that I would find a shop for scooter repair in Castro Valley, CA. I know a little bit about vehicles and it did not look like there were any major problems, it seemed to be more little things that would not cost too much to fix.

There is a great motorcycle repair shop that is not too far from my home so I thought that I would start there. I asked if they had any recommendations for scooter repair in Castro Valley, CA. I was told that the mechanics there could fix a scooter. I brought it in.

A couple of days later I had my scooter once again. It runs beautifully now. It had already more than paid for itself because of the amount of money that I have saved on gas.